Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Take this from Deirdre alone

Jen is now in New York and I'm just so excited. I was thinking, what if I hide in Jen's malita and let her carry me with here? Lol! I'm sure I'll get kicked out. But seriously, Jen, carry on girl! Me and the rest of the Jen On-Liners are super-proud of you!
Go go! Conquer New York!
For a healthy blog, I'm deleting the rest of the post...
Thanks for everything, guys!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thread Monsters and a very sensible post

Slimmy, scary and ugly – these are the few descriptions I could effortlessly blurt out once describing a thread monster comes my way. They are the forum kooks, the perpetual antagonists, the colonial bummer, the internet troll, the rebel without a cause, the posters who likely never knew, or read, the posting guidelines.

Consider this comment from a poster who obviously loves Marky Cielo to death! Haha!
grabe nman pagka gus2 nyo kay marky cielo!! hndi sha ang pnakamagaling na
nadiscover na male sa SS noh!!! may talent nga sha per0 tngnan nyo nman ang
face!!! ig0rot na ig0r0t ang dating dba??!!! im sorry kung may matamaan.........
hndi ko na kc matiis na mbasa ang mga papuri nyo kay marky!!! sa 22o lang, sha
ang pnakapangit na napasali sa SS!!! 4sure napilitan lang c jen na mkipagkiss sa
kanya!! no choice ehh!!!!!!!!!!

And dig this bitter and insecure hathor lambasting about Jen without even getting the facts right:
what the heck are u talking about? beautiful??????????? papatawa yata kau...d
naman kagandahan un...nilalangaw movies...nilalangaw pa pati album nya..buti pa
c sandara marami fans...marami endorsement...

And I remember a poster who meddled with other harsh and insecure posters with this statement:

gusto niyo gawin ko kayong flying ipis!?! - - - kayong mga hathor!?!
SA enca, ang hathor ang laging natatalo kahit sila ang palaging umaatake...
same rin dito sa thread na to...ang daming hathor na gustong matigok!

Sound familiar? Those insecure comments are rampant, so rampant are they that I'm not surprise to see one of their posts in any thread I’m going. They are posters who’s faces spelled trouble and who’s mouth are big enough to consume their whole body. They are posters who needs to consult a psychiatrist…or, they just need to go to the doctors since it’s been days that they are afraid of sunlight and water. Their slime stinks all over, and their scary faces and sharp fangs are the worst in this lifetime…and oh, did I mention they haven’t taken a bath for months?

That’s how horrible they are.

So if you see one of them cowering in a thread, here are sure-fire tips I could muster for the time.

a. Offer a prayer for them. Their souls are lost and it isn’t bad to save a soul through prayer, right? You can offer masses for them, or do spiritual warfare against them.

b. Do what a pioneer artista would do - Skip them. You are too precious to stoop to their level.
c. Say – World Peace. World Peace. World Peace. World Peace. World Peace. World Peace.

d. Get a slice bread. Lagyan ng palaman – ketchup, then mix it up with brown sugar. Kainin at namnamin. Kitams? Na-divert ang attention mo! It works! It works!

e. Call the police for immediate rescue.

f. Offer them a tranquilizer.

g. Declare an Internet State of Emergency

h. Close your eyes and remember: monsters are satan’s allies to take away your peace. Smile and holler – Hang Ganda koh suuuper, sureness akoh paglake ko I’ll beh ei Miss Universe! Bongga-cious, I’m su xcited!

Or you can do what I usually do:

I take a deep breath. Stretch my legs and hands a little bit. Play a background music. Swerve my hips to the left and right. Left and right. Gracefully left and right. Leftright, until the steps looked every inch to that of a dancing chicken, lol. With the background music smashing…I go with the music and dig it’s lyrics




Funny what a human spirit does to control irritation.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Take it from Deirdre - Kapuso, where is your heart?

Alright, this is getting into my nerves. I'm pissed by the Kapuso station, and I mean it, really mean it!

I could not count the times the station failed in announcing Jennylyn's achievement. Instead, they focus on the "walang katuturang" love angle. I mean, nothing wrong with focusing on those but there are better news than those teenybooper issues...Jen is more than that. I feel that the Kapuso is just undersizing Jen and putting her in a box with that d*mn label. It's such a sad story.

Last Wednesday, March 1; Jen won her first acting award in the Gawad Tanglaw being the Best Supporting Actress. Jen was the youngest awardee in the ranks of Robin PAdilla, Boots Anson Roa and more. Thing is, the Kapuso station never aired or even mention this on Unang Hirit or Chika Minute. I hope today (Friday) they will report it in Unang Hirit or Chika Minute, if not...I'm gonna call aliens to invade the station, if I only have the power to do so. I still don't know what I'm gonna do with them but I'll definitely do a little something, like- boycott all kapuso shows that does not include Jen...blah, blah.

I hope the Kapuso will redeem this negative. They should stop being so senseless. What good is it if you call yourself a Kapuso but is not even a Kapuso to your talent? What good is it to feature Jen if you fail to feature her strength but always feature on the things that is better off buried (that M-Jen relationship is a thing of the past, no use digging because Jen is not even interested)? What good is it to interview an awardee but fail to mention her award? What good is it to highlight a tiny news but go kaput on highlighting a huge success? What good is it, Kapuso? What becomes of you? Have you lost your heart? Have it been sold to the rush of commercialization and rating-wars? Have you forgotten why you were there? Kapuso, where is your heart?

It's time to act on what is worthwhile, Kapuso. It's time for you use your heart and not only your head? It's time for you to consider the better over the worst.

For as of now, I'm still pissed. And yeah, I mean every single word that I said.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Take it from Deirdre - I'm hurt again...

I don't know if this has something to do with this month being the love month, I'll be the first to find this out.

These days I'm overly maudlin, I turned out a weakly and effusively sentimental Magdalene. I hope you'll have the patience to read this entry. I can't blame a single iota if you wont.

Nasasaktan kasi ako pag may nagsasabi ng something negative kay Jennylyn. I know Jen needs improvement in certain skills, peru di ba sya pwedeng tanggapin as Jennylyn who is UNDONE but is, like a clay, molded to be good and er, done?

No one in the showbiz world is perfect. Ask Nora Aunor if she is perfect. And while you're at it, you can also ask Sharon, Vilma, Lorna...Don't they have colored pasts? Were they, in one aspect of their career, also a weakling in some areas?

It's perfectly fine to point out a constructive criticism. Just know your limitations. Just be sensitive enough to know that what is true to you may not be true to the others.

Kasi, at this point...nasasaktan talaga ako.

I guess this is how it is to love someone. Suddenly a knife gets to be too sharp, sometimes a stone turns out a marshmallow. It's a lotta mess. But truly - please hinay hinay lang. Nasasaktan lang talaga ako.

Salamat po.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Take it from Deirdre - Jen as she is...

Visited Jen's thread this morning and all I read was about:

1. Controversial kiss on SOP
2. Jen and Mark on White Lady
3. Jen's Wag Kukurap Performance
4. Jen's not-so-good makeup on SOP Gigsters
5. Jen's baby fats obvious on her SOP Gigster perfomance
6. Jen not looking good on her outfit
7. Jen making too many movements while singing...

blah...blah...blah...the list goes on.

I'm sorry to say but I've been keeping this for months now...I need to ventilate.

We are all admirers of Jen. As fans, we also have the right to voice out things that may not be 'tasteful' about Jen. It's all very fine for me to read posts that may comment about Jen. I guess the sentimental part of me just gets into my nerves so much these days that I'll be writing/posting my say.

I love Jen and I admire her for who she is. I love her performances and though I've seen her doing a couple of lapses I still love her because I know she's human and her performance could get better. Wherever Jen is right now, she paid the price and it was costly. I'm suppose to say some more comments about her that may be constructive but I did not because I want her to flow freely as she is and learned from her mistakes and grow from there. I wanted to tell Jen that she looks good with this image rather than that and she looks slimmer with that attire rather than those other outfits, but i stopped because I give her the freedom to let her own person uncover before the eyes of the public. I wanted to tell Jen that GMA seemed to be using her for the ratings and she can stop what she is doing now and follow what her heart entirely desires, but I stopped because I know that Jen knows the difference between choice and responsibility.

I'm suppose to post on those threads that Jen should not let GMA make her a puppet to do exactly what they tell...but I stopped. I realize that Jen is not a puppet, and just as I tell her to do what pleases me, I realize that I was making Jen a puppet of my own thinking as well.

Jen is her own person. A kaleidoscope all in one. I may hate her for little things that she does or hate those that made her look unfair, but I love her for all that she is. Those little things, though it irritates me at times; made up for the Jennylyn - the popular and still shining Jennylyn. She is not perfect but I accept her imperfections. It's hard to please the public; but judging from the posts that I read - the greater critics are the fans.

I let Jennylyn be. I no longer want her to to the artista that I wanted her to be, I want her to be the artista that she really is - unattached from all the expectations in my mind.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Then there was Jen Onliners...

by tsinita' of iGMA

Kahapon lang napansin natin na baka hindi tayo narerecognize ni Jen as fans niya. I'm happy na ngayon official na tayong group - nandito para kay Jen. Jen Onliner is one those groups na nagkikita-kita lang thru the net, naguusap-usap at nagpopost ng mga pics nya or topics, gigs, guesting at pati na rin minsan lovelife niya. Mga topics na hindi napag-uusapan sa karaniwang fans club. May mga kanya-kanya rin kaming comment kung sino sa palagay namin ang mas bagay kay Jen. These people never get tired of posting - isang patunay lang na ang thread ni Jennylyn ang may pinakamaring nagpopost sa IGMA. As of now we're in thread 113, not only that, may isang blog ni Jen na nagawa thru these people [balderdash and the rest of the gang]. This blog has everything you want to know about Jennylyn - everyday articles, new pics, new videos, kahit messages from the members meron ang blog na ito. I'm happy na part ako ng group na ito. Jen Onliner is organized by the certified adik, thru this mas nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na makilala natin ang isa't isa. Mga pagkakataon na ma eexpress natin ang feelings natin about what we think about Jen. Mas nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na mag comment either bad or good. As a member [sana kasali ako?!] masaya ako't napasama ako dito. Sana mas maging malawak pa ang group na ito at maybe someday makapagorganize ng eyeball para sa lahat. Mas masaya diba? Wala man tayo physically for Jen but thru the net nandiyan tayo para sa kanya. Mas malaki ang sakop nito kasi all over the world, mas may chance makasali. Saan ka man dako ng mundo basta may PC ka, join ka dito.

Ano pa hinihintay nyo? Sali na sa Jen Onliners...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gold finds for Jen - part 2

Turns out that I forgot some palpable and papable tandem for Jen, with suggestions and recommendations (thanks to those who recommended) , here are the list of gold finds which might suit Jen if given some opportunity.

Mike Tan – Who wasn’t lovestrucked by Mike playing a love angle on that smashing teen flick Lovestruck? The guy can act, and it took one sweeping number for me to realize that a Mike Tan and Jen tandem is not just a figment of my imagination, the Starstruck 2 final judgment proved a point. I saw the fans hollering Jen and Mike’s song number (sweet one) like there’s no tomorrow.

Drew Arellano – kewl guy, Jen would love him (as a tandem), who wouldn’t? The guy is a perfect gentleman and from the looks of it, Jen’s kakikayan would match well with Drew’s charm and flexibility.

Marky Cielo – As early as now, I’m predicting Marky to be the sole survivor for SS3. The guy rises with maturity and professionalism that is a rare find among the SS3 hopefuls. Teaming him up with Jen is not a bad idea, a project or 2 would do. For now, I just find Marky and Jen to be acting prowess of Starstruck, a position that others are eyeing at…yet, many failed.

Vivo Ouano – Revelation, revelation! Everybody’s nosy in showbiz and Vivo knows that. In fact, he openly-admitted it – he has a crush on Jen. Look now, I don’t see any future project together, besides, Vivo is 2 years younger than Jen (correct me if I’m wrong). But nothing is impossible in the showbiz world. With constant polishing for Vivo, who knows he may grab a chance to work with his crush. That would be swell!

Lucky Manzano – I know, it’s far-off. But his tiny confession (that he likes Jen) may dig a hole. Uhm…what if Mother Lily finds a project for them. Half-chance, but not a bad idea.

I’m not sure if there’s a part 3 for this. You think for me please.