Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Then there was Jen Onliners...

by tsinita' of iGMA

Kahapon lang napansin natin na baka hindi tayo narerecognize ni Jen as fans niya. I'm happy na ngayon official na tayong group - nandito para kay Jen. Jen Onliner is one those groups na nagkikita-kita lang thru the net, naguusap-usap at nagpopost ng mga pics nya or topics, gigs, guesting at pati na rin minsan lovelife niya. Mga topics na hindi napag-uusapan sa karaniwang fans club. May mga kanya-kanya rin kaming comment kung sino sa palagay namin ang mas bagay kay Jen. These people never get tired of posting - isang patunay lang na ang thread ni Jennylyn ang may pinakamaring nagpopost sa IGMA. As of now we're in thread 113, not only that, may isang blog ni Jen na nagawa thru these people [balderdash and the rest of the gang]. This blog has everything you want to know about Jennylyn - everyday articles, new pics, new videos, kahit messages from the members meron ang blog na ito. I'm happy na part ako ng group na ito. Jen Onliner is organized by the certified adik, thru this mas nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na makilala natin ang isa't isa. Mga pagkakataon na ma eexpress natin ang feelings natin about what we think about Jen. Mas nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na mag comment either bad or good. As a member [sana kasali ako?!] masaya ako't napasama ako dito. Sana mas maging malawak pa ang group na ito at maybe someday makapagorganize ng eyeball para sa lahat. Mas masaya diba? Wala man tayo physically for Jen but thru the net nandiyan tayo para sa kanya. Mas malaki ang sakop nito kasi all over the world, mas may chance makasali. Saan ka man dako ng mundo basta may PC ka, join ka dito.

Ano pa hinihintay nyo? Sali na sa Jen Onliners...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gold finds for Jen - part 2

Turns out that I forgot some palpable and papable tandem for Jen, with suggestions and recommendations (thanks to those who recommended) , here are the list of gold finds which might suit Jen if given some opportunity.

Mike Tan – Who wasn’t lovestrucked by Mike playing a love angle on that smashing teen flick Lovestruck? The guy can act, and it took one sweeping number for me to realize that a Mike Tan and Jen tandem is not just a figment of my imagination, the Starstruck 2 final judgment proved a point. I saw the fans hollering Jen and Mike’s song number (sweet one) like there’s no tomorrow.

Drew Arellano – kewl guy, Jen would love him (as a tandem), who wouldn’t? The guy is a perfect gentleman and from the looks of it, Jen’s kakikayan would match well with Drew’s charm and flexibility.

Marky Cielo – As early as now, I’m predicting Marky to be the sole survivor for SS3. The guy rises with maturity and professionalism that is a rare find among the SS3 hopefuls. Teaming him up with Jen is not a bad idea, a project or 2 would do. For now, I just find Marky and Jen to be acting prowess of Starstruck, a position that others are eyeing at…yet, many failed.

Vivo Ouano – Revelation, revelation! Everybody’s nosy in showbiz and Vivo knows that. In fact, he openly-admitted it – he has a crush on Jen. Look now, I don’t see any future project together, besides, Vivo is 2 years younger than Jen (correct me if I’m wrong). But nothing is impossible in the showbiz world. With constant polishing for Vivo, who knows he may grab a chance to work with his crush. That would be swell!

Lucky Manzano – I know, it’s far-off. But his tiny confession (that he likes Jen) may dig a hole. Uhm…what if Mother Lily finds a project for them. Half-chance, but not a bad idea.

I’m not sure if there’s a part 3 for this. You think for me please.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gold finds for Jen

No-strings attached could be the best thing in the world. I hope Jen realizes the many golds that may suit her, and I could only wish GMAAC would find the purest of gold for Jen.

Consider these gold finds that in some way or another suits Jen so well.

Jake Cuenca - I hollered when I saw Jen and Jake's funny antiques in love2love. Chemistry is visible, even the blind can feel it.

Hero Angeles - the recent break-up was in time for this guy's decision to be interviewed in GMA. Tell me if it was good timing or just a sign along the way, i don't know; but Hero's confession that he would love to be tandemed one day with Jen really made me smile from ear-to-ear.

Dennis Trillo - tell me now if it was just me who was all flushed seeing Jen and him side-to-side in that Romantic Blue Moon float for MMFF. A good actress like Jen deserves a good actor for a team-up. Dennis Trillo could be it.

Richard Gutierrez - Sugo's too serious image needs a sparkle of comedy for a fresh combination. After all, Jen's confession in an autograph that Richard is her biggest crush doesnt hurt at all, it is in fact --- pwede!

Dingdong Dantes - Alright, I know there is K...but when I saw Jen and Dingdong looking eye-to-eye as Lira and Ybarro; I felt like it was not a daughter seeing his father or a father seeing a daughter. It was most likely a love at first sight. Talk about chemistry at first glance.

uhm..who else?

Your turn.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Take it from Deirdre - Boo-boo-Booting War

Something fishy is happening in the cyber-hood. I tried to stop myself from writing this but I guess writing would be my way of helping the Philippine Justice System (if there is such, my bad!), not to mention the on-going MMFF People’s Choice voters. To those who are playing clean, don’t worry, you know yourself and whether you win or lose, you still have your dignity intact, that’s the greatest price. To those who are playing it dirty, I’m sorry to tell you that you are already a loser even before the voting game started.

Something strange is happening that I could not mention here, well, I guess some of you know it already. Check out the tally system and observe carefully the voter’s numbers…you’ll be shocked to find out what I mean.

I just realize what heavy truth the voting game reflected on the voters. You can win by playing it dirty. You can celebrate that your favorite won the game, you can laugh about it because your tricks worked, but…BUT, how sad it is to know that you are the real loser, your dirty play will not last forever. You have a zilch in the self-discipline department, and another BIG FAT ZERO in the honesty department. Could there be GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) in real life, you’ll most likely get the shimmering 65%. Be prepared, Mr. Boomerang will come knocking soon, he is out to give you a doze of your own medicine, wait, poison would be the right term. Be afraid…be really afraid.

In the lighter side, I want to encourage those who are playing within the rules. Those who vote out of their own cellphone load, those who voted with all honesty even until midnight just to give their favorite the support she deserves. Congratulate yourself because even before the announcement of the winner, playing the game right is already an enough award. Now, let me give you a pat on your shoulder…your honesty means so much. Your cellphone may be running out of load by now, but the reward of an honest person never runs out. Thank God!

Tomorrow is the big day for MMFF People’s Choice voters. The winners will finally be announced. The thought made me smile. Even now I already know who the winners are by simply identifying who played it right.

BEST ACTOR Contenders (top 3):

Dennis Trillo - 9919
Mark Herras - 34458
Rainier Castillo – 381

BEST ACTRESS Contenders (top 3):

Jennylyn Mercado – 29501
Angel Locsin – 1303
Kristine Hermosa – 233

BEST DIRECTOR Contenders (top 3):

Joel Lamangan – 125
Dominick Marck – 85
Ronnie Rickets – 73

BEST PICTURE Contenders (top 3):

Mulawin the Movie – 406
Blue Moon – 295
Exodus – 239

*Results are as of 3:10 pm of January 5. One day more to go before the announcement of winners. My prayer is that the People’s Choice would be base on the number of cellphone numbers voting for a certain contender, rather than the many text votes that only came from 2 cell numbers as I’ve observed in one of the contenders above. I admire those voters for their passion, but sadly, the act itself is morbid already…it’s not something to be proud of but something deserving of a good shaking in the head to at least take away all the rubbish inside those rotten brain.

For the Jen fans, I know there are so many of us; not to mention our dear Corazon played her role-splendidly. No question about it. Kudos peeps!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Take it from Deirdre: Jennylyn on Blue Moon

“True love happens only once, but it’s enough to last a lifetime”

Blue Moon is a movie NOT for the fainthearted. Watching Blue Moon alone is like reminiscing old hurts while the background plays…"knife, cuts like a knife, how will I ever heal? I’m so deeply wounded…Knife!” Forgive me, I thought I’ll have heart-attack inside the theater, to think that I was there all alone (good grief, I watched the movie twice without minding the time…READ: luxury).

Blame it on me being melodramatic, blame it on Joel Lamangan’s good directorial job, blame it on the tastefully-made story, blame it on the casts that portrayed their individual role with excellence, blame it…(the list goes on).

Blue Moon is a story that would leave you breathless. It’s the kind of movie that renders you unmovable as the ending credits are shown, and maybe, just maybe…your tears might be falling without you knowing it. It tackles about taking for granted the one you love and realizing of their importance once they’re gone. Though the story has dangling subplots, it eventually smoothens into one great end – the “real score” between the love of Corazon and Manuel…as well as the revelation as to who that “Corazon” could be.

Excuse me if I may not be dealing on the film’s technicalities for I only find tiny gullible glitches which may not be really important to tackle. Where I am most affected though was in the way the actors portrayed their role in the film. Almost all the actors delivered dramatically…high five to Eddie Garcia, Dennis Trillo, Boots Anson-Roa and Christopher de Leon. Shining in the scenes from the past would be Jennylyn Mercado who outstandingly portrayed Corazon’s “silent love” towards Manuel. Look at her eyes speaking even without opening her mouth to say the words. Notice how she looks at Manuel with compassion, and how she may utter hurting words with a tinge of love echoing from her heart. It’s in how she moves and how she expresses herself that makes you want to love her in the film. No, she isn’t the naughty Jennylyn whom we saw in Encantadia, nor the kilig-endosed teenybooper in Lovestruck or that tomboyish-turned-lady in Say That You Love Me, sorry but you won’t see any of them. You’ll see a Jennylyn who looks straight in your eyes and say her lines with tears flowing down her cheeks like its been built-in there all this time. You’ll see a Jennylyn whose voice and face is powerful enough to build an emotional connection, that with her every word, you’ll feel the pain that she’s feeling.
I texted a friend while I’m watching Blue Moon, “I’m close to heart-attack, this film rips my heart.” Haha…It’s not really a message to fly guilty feelings on my friend who backed-out in the last minute, just my way of telling her how great the film is.

On the Flip Side: Dennis Fans Thank the Adiks

I have received some messages from fans of Dennis Trillo who have personally thanked the Adiks for their support for the MMFF People's Choice. The support did not just come through the votes but also through the moral support, promotions, fanarts, etc. that were shared by the Adiks.

There has been some controversy over this support issue. Let's clear this up right now. There has been some news that the Adiks has ganged up together and decided to all vote for Dennis. Wrong. Puhlease! Not all Jen Fans are fans of Dennis. The Adiks who did vote for Dennis did so through their own freewill. Countless others voted for Rainier, and even Mark. The truth of the matter is, the majority of the Jen fans are also fans of Dennis. This can be seen in the thread devoted to the Jen-Dennis loveteam, which is virtually non-existent except in the hearts of their fans.

I don't think it takes much brainpower to fathom that there are certains "ships" that exist among Jen fans. Some like the Jen-Jake tandem, others want a Jen-Hero team-up, there's also a Jen-Mike and a Jen-Richard. But you cannot deny the popularity of the Jen-Dennis thread at iGMA.

This thread was well-visited by the Adiks even before the Dennis-Mark rivalry on the People's Choice Voting! So how can you say that the Adiks who are voting for Dennis are only voting just to see Mark lose?! Well, maybe a very, very small (miniscule even!) percentage are voting because of that; I can't speak for ALL the Adiks. But almost ALL of the ones I know are voting for Dennis because they really like him as an actor, and would be delighted to see him onstage with Jennylyn come Awards Night so that maybe certain producers (Mother Lily, perhaps...hahaha) can see the chemistry between them. Call it insanity if you want, but that's what the Jen fans who voted for Dennis wanted to achieve. It definitely wasn't hatred for Mark.

And what about the voting support Mark is getting from the fans of the loveteam? They are now solely voting for Mark because they deem Jen's lead to be unbeatable. Wouldn't that offset whatever support some Adiks are giving to Dennis?

Win or lose, there is one good thing that came out of this - a much better relationship between the Dennis and Jennylyn supporters.