Tuesday, January 03, 2006

On the Flip Side: Dennis Fans Thank the Adiks

I have received some messages from fans of Dennis Trillo who have personally thanked the Adiks for their support for the MMFF People's Choice. The support did not just come through the votes but also through the moral support, promotions, fanarts, etc. that were shared by the Adiks.

There has been some controversy over this support issue. Let's clear this up right now. There has been some news that the Adiks has ganged up together and decided to all vote for Dennis. Wrong. Puhlease! Not all Jen Fans are fans of Dennis. The Adiks who did vote for Dennis did so through their own freewill. Countless others voted for Rainier, and even Mark. The truth of the matter is, the majority of the Jen fans are also fans of Dennis. This can be seen in the thread devoted to the Jen-Dennis loveteam, which is virtually non-existent except in the hearts of their fans.

I don't think it takes much brainpower to fathom that there are certains "ships" that exist among Jen fans. Some like the Jen-Jake tandem, others want a Jen-Hero team-up, there's also a Jen-Mike and a Jen-Richard. But you cannot deny the popularity of the Jen-Dennis thread at iGMA.

This thread was well-visited by the Adiks even before the Dennis-Mark rivalry on the People's Choice Voting! So how can you say that the Adiks who are voting for Dennis are only voting just to see Mark lose?! Well, maybe a very, very small (miniscule even!) percentage are voting because of that; I can't speak for ALL the Adiks. But almost ALL of the ones I know are voting for Dennis because they really like him as an actor, and would be delighted to see him onstage with Jennylyn come Awards Night so that maybe certain producers (Mother Lily, perhaps...hahaha) can see the chemistry between them. Call it insanity if you want, but that's what the Jen fans who voted for Dennis wanted to achieve. It definitely wasn't hatred for Mark.

And what about the voting support Mark is getting from the fans of the loveteam? They are now solely voting for Mark because they deem Jen's lead to be unbeatable. Wouldn't that offset whatever support some Adiks are giving to Dennis?

Win or lose, there is one good thing that came out of this - a much better relationship between the Dennis and Jennylyn supporters.


At 10:31 AM, Blogger gladysmolina515 said...

thanks too to Dennis' fans who voted and supported JEN

sorry we were not able to fully support Dennis but we will always support him as long as we can

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi jay musta na


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