Thursday, January 05, 2006

Take it from Deirdre - Boo-boo-Booting War

Something fishy is happening in the cyber-hood. I tried to stop myself from writing this but I guess writing would be my way of helping the Philippine Justice System (if there is such, my bad!), not to mention the on-going MMFF People’s Choice voters. To those who are playing clean, don’t worry, you know yourself and whether you win or lose, you still have your dignity intact, that’s the greatest price. To those who are playing it dirty, I’m sorry to tell you that you are already a loser even before the voting game started.

Something strange is happening that I could not mention here, well, I guess some of you know it already. Check out the tally system and observe carefully the voter’s numbers…you’ll be shocked to find out what I mean.

I just realize what heavy truth the voting game reflected on the voters. You can win by playing it dirty. You can celebrate that your favorite won the game, you can laugh about it because your tricks worked, but…BUT, how sad it is to know that you are the real loser, your dirty play will not last forever. You have a zilch in the self-discipline department, and another BIG FAT ZERO in the honesty department. Could there be GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) in real life, you’ll most likely get the shimmering 65%. Be prepared, Mr. Boomerang will come knocking soon, he is out to give you a doze of your own medicine, wait, poison would be the right term. Be afraid…be really afraid.

In the lighter side, I want to encourage those who are playing within the rules. Those who vote out of their own cellphone load, those who voted with all honesty even until midnight just to give their favorite the support she deserves. Congratulate yourself because even before the announcement of the winner, playing the game right is already an enough award. Now, let me give you a pat on your shoulder…your honesty means so much. Your cellphone may be running out of load by now, but the reward of an honest person never runs out. Thank God!

Tomorrow is the big day for MMFF People’s Choice voters. The winners will finally be announced. The thought made me smile. Even now I already know who the winners are by simply identifying who played it right.

BEST ACTOR Contenders (top 3):

Dennis Trillo - 9919
Mark Herras - 34458
Rainier Castillo – 381

BEST ACTRESS Contenders (top 3):

Jennylyn Mercado – 29501
Angel Locsin – 1303
Kristine Hermosa – 233

BEST DIRECTOR Contenders (top 3):

Joel Lamangan – 125
Dominick Marck – 85
Ronnie Rickets – 73

BEST PICTURE Contenders (top 3):

Mulawin the Movie – 406
Blue Moon – 295
Exodus – 239

*Results are as of 3:10 pm of January 5. One day more to go before the announcement of winners. My prayer is that the People’s Choice would be base on the number of cellphone numbers voting for a certain contender, rather than the many text votes that only came from 2 cell numbers as I’ve observed in one of the contenders above. I admire those voters for their passion, but sadly, the act itself is morbid already…it’s not something to be proud of but something deserving of a good shaking in the head to at least take away all the rubbish inside those rotten brain.

For the Jen fans, I know there are so many of us; not to mention our dear Corazon played her role-splendidly. No question about it. Kudos peeps!


At 4:54 AM, Blogger balderdash said...

i would've written something about this myself but u beat me to it & u made such a great argument! thanks! :D


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