Monday, February 13, 2006

Take it from Deirdre - Jen as she is...

Visited Jen's thread this morning and all I read was about:

1. Controversial kiss on SOP
2. Jen and Mark on White Lady
3. Jen's Wag Kukurap Performance
4. Jen's not-so-good makeup on SOP Gigsters
5. Jen's baby fats obvious on her SOP Gigster perfomance
6. Jen not looking good on her outfit
7. Jen making too many movements while singing...

blah...blah...blah...the list goes on.

I'm sorry to say but I've been keeping this for months now...I need to ventilate.

We are all admirers of Jen. As fans, we also have the right to voice out things that may not be 'tasteful' about Jen. It's all very fine for me to read posts that may comment about Jen. I guess the sentimental part of me just gets into my nerves so much these days that I'll be writing/posting my say.

I love Jen and I admire her for who she is. I love her performances and though I've seen her doing a couple of lapses I still love her because I know she's human and her performance could get better. Wherever Jen is right now, she paid the price and it was costly. I'm suppose to say some more comments about her that may be constructive but I did not because I want her to flow freely as she is and learned from her mistakes and grow from there. I wanted to tell Jen that she looks good with this image rather than that and she looks slimmer with that attire rather than those other outfits, but i stopped because I give her the freedom to let her own person uncover before the eyes of the public. I wanted to tell Jen that GMA seemed to be using her for the ratings and she can stop what she is doing now and follow what her heart entirely desires, but I stopped because I know that Jen knows the difference between choice and responsibility.

I'm suppose to post on those threads that Jen should not let GMA make her a puppet to do exactly what they tell...but I stopped. I realize that Jen is not a puppet, and just as I tell her to do what pleases me, I realize that I was making Jen a puppet of my own thinking as well.

Jen is her own person. A kaleidoscope all in one. I may hate her for little things that she does or hate those that made her look unfair, but I love her for all that she is. Those little things, though it irritates me at times; made up for the Jennylyn - the popular and still shining Jennylyn. She is not perfect but I accept her imperfections. It's hard to please the public; but judging from the posts that I read - the greater critics are the fans.

I let Jennylyn be. I no longer want her to to the artista that I wanted her to be, I want her to be the artista that she really is - unattached from all the expectations in my mind.


At 8:08 AM, Blogger deirdre the miscreant said...

I'm confuse if this post can be viewed. I checked out the blog and there's none. I'm putting my comment from the dashboard (making a new window by viewing)...


At 11:22 AM, Blogger mia said...

just read your piece, and i am deeply moved. you just have the knack for putting our thoughts into words. i couldn't have said it better. you are truly a blessing. thank you very much for being you. and i must add, i miss your posts.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger macie said...

hyers deidre!

you make really sensible posts, and i love reading them

thanks for loving Jen the way you do

At 4:59 PM, Blogger deirdre the miscreant said...

I guess as a fan I've grown as well. Before I really want things to happen the way I want them...then I get disappointed if they don't. Sometimes I want Jen to be what I wanted to be, but now I realize that Jen and I are two very different person; I better step back and see what she can do. I know she can do it...her style, her own. I can only watch from a distance and cheer for her.

Thanks mia and macie!

At 12:44 PM, Blogger mia said...

even your comments are beautifully written. you have a fan in me. :D it's ok to take a step back, but don't het too far from us, please!

At 5:48 PM, Blogger deirdre the miscreant said...

^ nakakaiyak naman yan mia!

At 9:00 AM, Blogger mia said...

now ko lang nabasa reply mo sa comment ko. drama ba? smile na dyan! i'm really happy that you're back!

At 5:37 PM, Blogger deirdre the miscreant said...

^ i'm back but not for long. I'm into a new project that requires a lot of commitment. I'm chilling these days but ill be busy soon. But i'll definitely return here...and to you know where.

At 10:11 AM, Blogger mia said...


i'm so looking forward to your project

nearing a year na ang delay nyan ha

you promised me a copy, remember?

At 11:55 AM, Blogger deirdre the miscreant said...

di naman yung project na yun eh.

Basta wait ka lang. Maraming delay eh!

Maybe forever na ang delay!

At 12:10 PM, Blogger mia said...

ano ba yan, forever ang delay!?!?!

At 1:04 PM, Blogger deirdre the miscreant said...


parang forever na nga ang delay kasi wala akong time. heheheh!

At 1:20 PM, Blogger mia said...

hay naku! make time for it na

sayang naman ang project na yun

tulungan kita?

pang gulo lang :D

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Rachel Ann said...

i 100% agree!! ;D


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